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Data Security

Account and Customer Information

Communicates Chase account and customer information to third-party partners


The Account and Customer Information API is a REST-based solution providing secure and convenient consumer and business access to their financial data.

Key features and benefits

  • Access account details including balances and transactions for a wide variety of supported account types
  • Put your end customer in control of their data sharing permissions and grants via Chase‚Äôs Security Center hosted-UI which you will incorporate into your app or service

Use cases

The Account and Customer Information API supports data access for a wide variety of use cases.

Use Case Description / Examples
Personal financial management solutions
  • Budgeting apps can access accounts, transactions and balances
Lending and credit decisioning
  • Net worth lookup account ownership verification
Business accounting and audit
  • Transactions and balances, including historical data sets
Fraud detection and mitigation
  • Transaction monitoring and fraud alerting
  • Identify verification
  • Account ownership verification

How it works

Refer to the following diagram and steps for an overview of how this API works.

Account and Customer Information api diagram

  1. Within your application, the user sees a prompt requesting authorization to access their Chase accounts
  2. The application displays the secure Chase login UI by loading /aggregator-oauth/mobile/authorize in an embedded web browser.
  3. The user enters their Chase credentials and consent to data share for the accounts they select.
  4. The Chase OAuth server processes the user credentials to determine access rights, and then generates an authorization code.
  5. The Chase OAuth server sends the authorization code to the application.
  6. The application exchanges the authorization code for an access token using a Post to /aggregator-ouath/token and sends it to the Chase OAuth server.
  7. The Chase OAuth server returns an access token to the application.
  8. The application embeds the access token in the Account and Customer Information API call.
  9. Chase processes the Account and Customer Information API call and returns data to the application.
  10. The application displays the data to the user.

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